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BeGreen is one of the first companies to build solar PV parks and produce certified green energy without receiving subsidies of any kind, while still delivering attractive electricity prices for consumers and a stable, high return for its investors.

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Commitment and reliability

BeGreen remains committed to its projects and takes responsibility for operating and managing its solar PV parks, ensuring the parks are running smoothly and providing the highest reliability of supply available.

By 2023, BeGreen has commissioned solar parks corresponding to 700 MWp. BeGreen’s goal is to develop 1 GWp annually.

BeGreen’s targets for reducing CO2e emissions

tonnes annual CO2e savings now

tonnes annual CO2e savings by 2025 at the latest

How are we working with sustainability?

Our annual cycle of sustainability efforts is based on an analysis of the company’s environmental and social impacts so we can prioritise our work.
We analyse the impact of our operation both on our stakeholders and on BeGreen as a business. On that basis, we identify and prioritise the areas that become focus areas and sustainability programmes.

We have set concrete sustainability targets and defined actions, focusing on environmental factors and human rights in our value chains, on being neighbourly, biodiversity, recyclability of our materials and documentation of climate impacts.