Construction of Vandel III is well underway and creates Danish jobs

NKT to deliver historic Danish solar cable

14 May, 2020

NKT skal levere historisk dansk solkabel

NKT is already well underway connecting the huge high-voltage cables so we can start illuminating our new Danish Vandel III solar PV park later this year. We are delighted that NKT won the order for Vandel III and look forward to producing the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of around 34,000 households and reducing their collective CO2 footprint by 190,000 tonnes of CO2e a year.

N1 is the recipient of the electricity from the solar PV park, which will produce 155 MW when fully operational in 2021.

The solar PV park is part of a completely new business model, different from other solar PV parks which are typically built with subsidies or backed by a large electricity buyer. Vandel III will be built purely on market terms and the power will freely be sold to consumers who want sustainable electricity at a low price.

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